Tourism February 15, 2023 | 12:00 pm

Platform launched that will allow booking charter flights between the Dominican Republic and Cuba

In Havana, Enjoy Travel Group officially launched the EnjoyPro flight booking platform. The platform will enable online reservations for charters between Mexico and Cuba, as well as the Dominican Republic and Cuba, speeding up the assembly of combined products for Caribbean destinations.

New flights will be added to the existing routes from Mérida, Mexico City, and Cancun to Havana in the near future:

Monterrey – Havana

Punta Cana and Santo Domingo – Havana

Santo Domingo – Santiago de Cuba

And as a novelty- Havana – Cayo Coco

Enjoy Travel Group, which already has a platform for online reservations of land services, activities, and hotels added a new tool that will allow tour operators to generate new proposals for their allied agencies. Carla Polise, Commercial Director of Promotere, an Enjoy Travel Group representative company in the Southern Cone, stated that “we continue to work to offer more destinations and promote not only tourism in Cuba but also tourism in the Caribbean to many other markets.” The Mexican ambassador, Miguel Diaz Reinoso, and the Marketing Director of Mintur, Pilar Alvarez, were both present at the launch.


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