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Places in Monte Cristi that you should not miss this Holy Week

Santiago, DR
If you are one of those who have decided to vacation this Easter, the Monte Cristi province is a different possibility. Therefore, we recommend some places when you arrive in San Fernando de Monte Cristi.
Monte Cristi has six municipalities that are distributed over an area of 1,989 square kilometers: Castañuelas, Guayubin, Villa Vásquez, Las Matas de Santa Cruz, Pepillo Salcedo (Manzanillo), and its capital San Fernando, and with four Municipal Districts: Palo Verde, Hatillo Palma, Villa Elisa, and Cana Chapetón, each with something to show.
Although the beaches of Monte Cristi are seen as the attraction par excellence, it is recommended that, before going, take a tour of the city center and visit the surroundings of Central Park. There you can see the symbolic Montecristi Clock, a symbol built in France and installed on March 11, 1895, being inaugurated on June 29 of that year.
Also next to the Duarte Park of that city is the Parish of San Fernando, which stands out for its tinted windows and an altar made of mahogany, attracting visitors for its architectural design inspired by the nineteenth century.
The senator of that province, Ramón Antonio Pimentel Gómez (Moreno Arias), said that, on the way to the different beaches, on the way to the hill, you can know the most important Salinas in the country, which is, in turn, a pillar activity in the economy of the town.
Moreno Arias said that “you will be surprised by the salt ponds, you will be able to know the process of the main seasoning of the kitchen.”
Also, any visitor who goes to Monte Cristi, a city on the Northwest line, cannot return without going to El Morro de Monte Cristi National Park.
El Morro is the natural space that identifies the province. This is part of the Montecristi National Park, one of the leading National Parks in the country.
With an elevation of 242 meters above sea level, its camel shape is very striking; This place will offer you breathtaking views from the top of its summit, composed of dry forest vegetation.
Also, in its surroundings, the beach, also known as “la playa del Morro,” is one of the most attractive natural beaches within the Montecristi National Park. She is known for its brown sand and warm waters.
Places to eat in Montecristi.
On the East-West route, of the Duarte highway, on the way to Montecristeña, you can stop at any of the places in Alto del Medio, Villa Eliza, and Guayubin. In this way, you can enjoy one of the emblematic dishes of the area: the goat, in its different varieties, whether baked, stewed, fried, or as you like, you can find it in these places.
Already in the city of San Fernando, Montecristi, you can go to the boardwalk area and visit a hundred restaurants overlooking the sea.
When night falls, the nightlife of the city of Montecristi is activated, and the center of the municipality becomes a single concert; all visitors converge on the so-called Calle 8 and other surrounding bars.
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