Bavaro & Punta Cana May 6, 2023 | 12:11 pm

Grupo Piñero’s Eco-Bahia Foundation arrives in Dominican Republic

Photo: Grupo Piñero.

Punta Cana.– Grupo Piñero brings its Eco-Bahia Foundation to the Dominican Republic. The Spanish hotel group is implementing programs for the recovery and management of fauna, the promotion of native and endemic flora, the conservation of marine resources, the protection of coral reefs and the maintenance of protected areas.

The Eco-Bahia Foundation, created in 1999 in Mexico, aims to carry out projects for the conservation, maintenance and improvement of natural resources, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of the environment.

Its activities have evolved into educational and environmental awareness-raising activities in local communities, schools, with collaborators, clients and owners of tourist and residential developments.

The initiative now reaches the Dominican Republic, one of Grupo Piñero‘s most important markets, where it owns 13 resorts. The Foundation has already begun working with the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources on the restoration of the whale watching viewpoint at Punta Balandra, near Samaná, and on the delivery of waste separation containers to schools in the Samaná Biodiverso project.

Among its objectives for 2023 are the inauguration of composting centers in several locations, the signing of cooperation agreements to promote its environmental education initiative and the start of the ecosystem restoration program.

In statements to the press, Grupo Piñero’s Chief Sustainability Officer Isabel Piñero said that the arrival of the Eco-Bahia Foundation in the Dominican Republic “demonstrates our commitment to offer a model of regenerative tourism based on responsibility and sustainability.”

Absolute respect for the environment, she added, is part of the company’s DNA “and we hope to continue contributing to the care and conservation of all the natural resources of the destinations in which we operate.”

Grupo Piñero’s resorts in the Dominican Republic are located in a vast natural area with a great diversity of flora and fauna that, which with the Foundation’s work will be protected.

Inspiration and commitment 

Since its beginnings in 1999 with the management of the ‘Program for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles in the Central Coast of Quintana Roo,’ the Eco-Bahia Foundation’s projects in Mexico have continued to grow with the objective of increasing the sustainable impact of its actions, releasing more than 110,000 sea turtle hatchlings and attending to more than 1,000 cases of wildlife recovery and management.

The Eco-Bahia Foundation has also created its Environmental Education program, which manages collaborations with local schools, environmental events and scientific research links to raise awareness of the scope and repercussions that human actions can generate in the environment and thus promote a real change in the habits of all the people who participate in its activities.

With the expansion of the Eco-Bahia Foundation, Grupo Piñero continues its mission to inspire change in the sector, promoting a better understanding of the importance of caring for the environment and encouraging the implementation of sustainable practices in the natural territories in which it operates.



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