North Coast May 27, 2023 | 5:35 pm

Adompretur Sosúa-Cabarete attends guided tour of the National Palace

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Tourism Press Association (Adompretur), Sosúa-Cabarete branch, participated on Friday in a guided tour of the National Palace, which was coordinated by the Secretary General of the branch Daniel Mercado and was attended by the association’s national president Yenny Polanco Lovera and board members Juan de Dios Valentín and Cristian Mota, while Adompretur Santiago was represented by Yosmary Gómez, José Mac Dougal, Luciano Aybar, Nelson Díaz and José Díaz Ceballos.

The journalists specialized in tourism described as positive the invitation of the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, through a strategic coordination via his Director of Communications, journalist Claudio Martínez Turbí, and journalist Daniel Mercado, Secretary General of the Sosúa Cabarete branch.

The meeting was used to recognize Paliza for his support to the initiatives for the recovery of tourism and the unified effort of Dominican Republic’s tourist press, while the visitors thanked the Vice Minister of Administration and Finance of the Presidency, Igor Rodríguez Durán, for his kindness in interrupting his work to receive their guests.

Yenny Polanco Lovera, national president of the tourism journalists guild, thanked the government and Minister Paliza for receiving them and also valued the initiative of inviting a delegation from Santiago and one from the National Board, while called on the members of the entity to specialize and take advantage of the training provided by Adompretur, as a result of important institutional agreements.

Mercado valued the work of Dominican President Luis Abinader and the efforts made through the Administrative Ministry of the Presidency so that no municipality, nor Municipal District, regardless of the political parties, are left without advancing and receiving the helping hand of the so-called “government of change.”

The tourism journalists walked through the halls of the government house in an impressive guided tour that included the Hall of Mirrors, the Hall of the Caryatids, the Green Room, the Hall of Ambassadors, in an experience that for the first time in the country’s history, according to a press release from Adompretur, makes the government house available to society.

Mercado also thanked those who have selflessly joined in order to achieve the institutional strengthening of Adompretur in the branch he directs and, therefore, at the national level, whom he defined as the majority: “They know who they are, I will not mention names, lest I miss one, since the support received has been absolute and there is the raw material to achieve for all, achievements that a few have tried to block.”




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