Tourism June 9, 2023 | 3:42 pm

Mayor unveils construction of luxury hotels on Avenida España

Mayor Manuel Jiménez of Santo Domingo Este municipality has announced plans for the construction of luxury hotels along the entire coastline of Avenida España.

According to the mayor, the remodeling area from Punta Torrecilla to the National Aquarium on Avenida España will be transformed into a first-class tourist development. The construction permits have already been issued to Spanish and Dominican companies, and three building designs are currently being offered for sale.

Mayor Jiménez envisions the area becoming the longest boardwalk, offering a luxurious experience for visitors. The Santo Domingo Este City Council (ASDE) has developed a strategic plan for both the next four and ten years, with the aim of making the municipality the most important city in the country.

The mayor highlighted several attributes of Santo Domingo Este, including its proximity to the country’s most important international and military airports, its adjacency to the capital city, and its access to important ports such as the Port of Santo Domingo and Punta Caucedo.

Jiménez emphasized the area’s 20 kilometers of sea, which stretches from Punta Torrecilla to Punta Caucedo. I have described the coastline as resembling a bay with low, calm, turquoise waters similar to the Pacific Ocean, making it suitable for various water sports, tourist activities, and the potential for two or three marinas.

Additionally, the area boasts a tourist and cultural zone that includes landmarks such as the Columbus Lighthouse, the Chencha cultural platform known for sonero activities, the bust of Juan Pablo Duarte, the Monument to La Caña, Los Tres Ojos, and more.

The development of luxurious hotels along Avenida España is expected to transform the area into a vibrant tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the world.

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June 10, 2023 10:17 am

What this really means is that the beautiful park, walkways, ocean view etc. that are now seen along the malecon of Avenida Espana will be walled off from the residents in the neighborhoods across the street that have enjoyed it for generations and will now reserved for the wealthy few who will enjoy privilege within newly built walls that will block off the area to everyone else. This is one of the few areas where non-upper class neighborhood residents still have a nice environment to walk with their children, families etc.

Political pockets are probably being lined to allow this.

And this is no small area either, this is half the shore-length of Avenida Espana (which at some point in the future be it 3/5/7 years down the road there will probably be an announcement that other half from the aquarium to the Las Americas highway junction will be “transformed to a vibrant tourist area to ‘benefit the community’ ” completing the disenfranchisement of the Este residents.

The coastline there, just like along the malecon in Santo Domingo ND is rocky and rough. Calling it like a “bay with low, calm, turquoise waters similar to the Pacific Ocean, making it suitable for various water sports, tourist activities” is a complete fallacy. There will be no “water sports” or “tourist activities”. This will be nothing more than expensive condos/apartments owned by the privileged who will enjoy a walled-off view at the expense of the population. This is so sad..