Tourism June 25, 2023 | 7:00 am

Dominican Taste Festival in New York reaffirms the country’s leadership in the tourism sector

New York.- “The DR can compete with any tourist destination worldwide,” said Lucién Echavarría, former head of the tourism office in New York, who also affirmed that the country continues to lead tourism as the main destination in the Caribbean.

Echavarría, who headed tourism in New York for 16 years with great success in promoting the DR whose image she placed in significant events in different US states and countries, was appointed as the person in charge of that area at the Dominican Taste Festival 2023 to properly inform and guide Dominicans and foreigners about investments in the Caribbean country.

“I will continue to promote in the world the best of the country,” she added.

Echavarría further explained that the show would exhibit Dominican and tourism products where the public could plan their next vacation and learn why they have to choose the Dominican Republic as the number 1 destination. They are culturally tied because they come from there and because of our origin and several international offers.

“In this case that concerns us, Dominican gastronomy is exquisite, tasty and we have a presentation of several chefs recognized worldwide, we can put the name in any showcase in the whole world,” she added.

She urged the community, in general, to attend the exhibition this Friday, June 23, at the 809 restaurants from 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon to enjoy and, as the festival slogan says, “to eat together that together is better.”

Echavarría indicated that the festival shows that the Dominican Republic is a country that has it all.

“And we are a good, hardworking community, and that we are the number 1 country in the entire Caribbean,” she stressed.

According to Nuevo Diario, Echavarría spoke on the subject during the press cocktail held at the NY Directorate General of Culture, where the event’s agenda was announced.

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