Tourism July 14, 2023 | 4:56 pm

Escarrer: a low cost like Arajet in Cancun “would make tourism from certain countries grow”

Santo Domingo.- Gabriel Escarrer Jaume, the president of Meliá Hotels International, discusses various topics in his interview with REPORTUR. He mentions that having a low-cost airline like Arajet in Cancun could potentially increase tourist arrivals from certain countries.

However, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining operational stability and finding a balance between air capacity and demand for each destination.

Escarrer also talks about commercial alliances, stating that Meliá relies more on specific alliances rather than widespread partnerships. He expresses openness to considering opportunities, as long as Meliá remains the majority and decisive party in potential alliances. He also mentions plans to renew the Sol brand.

Reflecting on the legacy of his father, Gabriel Escarrer Juliá, the founder of the hotel group, Escarrer Jaume acknowledges his significant contributions to the industry. He credits his father with paving the way for the prosperous hotel industry in Mallorca, positioning the island as a preferred destination for European travelers.

He also highlights his father’s role in spreading Spanish hospitality excellence globally and being recognized as an ambassador of the Spain Brand.

Overall, Gabriel Escarrer Jaume recognizes the vision and impact of his father in the hotel industry, both in Mallorca and internationally.

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