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Dominican Republic leads the Pasaporte Abierto 2023 nominations

Álbida Segura, from Parate Ahí Tours, wins the 2022 Pasaporte Abierto Grand Prize in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

Santo Domingo – Every year the World Tourism Journalism Organization (WTJO) holds the Pasaporte Abierto international tourism journalism award, which this time will be presented in Panama in September 2023, with the attendance of over 50 foreign journalists and tourism professionals.

According to Miguel Ledhesma, WTJO president and founder, the Open Passport award “seeks to represent the need to live in a world without borders in which respect, solidarity and free access to information prevail. At the same time to promote and educate about tourism journalism to encourage greater development of destinations, communities and people linked to the sector.”

Pasaporte Abierto is a recognition to tourism journalists who carry out their work in an ethical manner and to the organizations that collaborate with the committed work of these tourism communication professionals.

The nominees for this year’s edition were announced during the twelfth international congress held in June in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, which focused on “Empathetic and effective communication in tourism.”

The nominated Dominican journalists and media are as follows:

Social Relevance:

  1. Sargasso, the good and the bad of its arrival to Dominican shores. Katheryn Luna.
  2. Where the pupil ended, the glow of will begins. Anita González Sigler.
  3. Dominican airlines: from bankruptcy to resurgence with low-cost tickets. Karla Natasha Alcántara Cruz.

Recognition of Others:

  1. Casabe Doña Mechi: a time travel full of flavor. Georgina Batista Schrils.


  1. Bogota: Family options. Yubelkys Mejía.
  2. Solidarity cuisine: the action that has saved millions of people from starvation. Juan de Dios Valentín.
  3. A pianist who travels or a traveler pianist. Adrián R. Morales González.
  4. Smart tourism in the Dominican Republic: The crucial role of blockchain. Ian Manuel Franjul Mejía.


For the first time, Dominican Today has been nominated for the prestigious Pasaporte Abierto awards, sponsored by the World Tourism Journalism Organization (WTJO).

Investigative journalism:

  1. The luxury of travel (series of three articles). Katheryn Luna.
  2. TCS Project: authentic, community-based and sustainable tourism. The Sustainable Community Tourism Project, in figures. Maricha Martínez Sosa.
  3. Independencia and Bahoruco, sentinels of the ecotourism potential of the deep south. Karla Natasha Alcántara Cruz.
  4. Specialized tourism for the rich variety of the Dominican Republic’s flora. Adrian R. Morales González.

Outstanding specialized tourism media:

  1. Dominican Republic.

Dominican Today’s tourism section receives nomination for the Pasaporte Abierto 2023 award.

In the history of the Pasaporte Abierto awards, the Dominican Republic is the country with the most nominations and the highest number of winners.

WTJO recognition of the jury members present at the Pasaporte Abierto 2022 awards gala in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. (From left to right: Luis Polo Roa, Yenny Polanco Lovera, San Luis Potosí Mayor Enrique Galindo Ceballos, Maye Padilla, Adrian R. Morales and Miguel Ledhesma.)

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