North Coast October 4, 2023 | 11:26 am

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Tourism in Cada Rincón shows the attractions of the northern region at Expo Cibao 2023

Santiago.- The Tourism Stand at Expo Cibao 2023, organized by the Ministry of Tourism, showcased the main tourist attractions of the Monseñor Nouel, Espaillat, and Santiago provinces, infusing dynamism, festivity, and vibrant colors into the event. Expo Cibao 2023, held from September 27 to October 1, is the largest multi-sector exhibition in the Dominican Republic and adopted the motto “Santiago Investment Hub.”

The Tourism Stand attracted visitors on the closing day of the event, offering a lively display with dancers from the Son de Keka and characters from the Santiago Carnival, creating an enticing atmosphere. The attendees also received samples of Santiago’s iconic attractions, including Mural routes, tobacco production, the León Center, monuments, churches, and the hotel offerings of the Hodelpa chain.

Ramón Paulino, President of the Santiago Tourist Destination Cluster, expressed his satisfaction with the promotion of Santiago’s potential and the diverse offerings of the Cibao provinces through Mitur at Expo Cibao 2023, appealing to both local and international tourists.

Martín Duquela, Director of Internal Tourism at Mitur, highlighted the immense acceptance of the Tourism platform in Cada Rincón and Mitur at Expo Cibao 2023. He emphasized that the stand showcased the richness of the region, encompassing art, culture, rivers, beaches, mountains, gastronomy, and history, all chosen from the best of the “Tourism in Every Corner” program in the Cibao provinces.

On Saturday, the spotlight was on the Espaillat province, with dynamic presentations and creative tastings of appealing products from Moca, including exclusive coffee, Responsible Fish, dulce y rodao, mofongo mocano, and artisanal ice creams. The event also featured information and promotion of natural and ecotourism attractions, with the support of the Ecotourism Cluster of the Espaillat province.

Expo Cibao 2023 provided a platform to showcase the rich cultural and tourist offerings of the Cibao region, fostering interest among visitors and promoting the beauty and diversity of these provinces.

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