Tourism October 17, 2023 | 11:52 am

Cabo Rojo: construction of the first three hotels and cruise terminal advances

Cabo Rojo.- The Cabo Rojo Tourism Development project in the Pedernales province of the Dominican Republic is making significant progress in its first phase. This phase includes the construction of buildings for three hotels, a cruise terminal, road infrastructure, hydrosanitary and electrical works. Preparations are also underway for the international airport in the community of Oviedo.

Several prominent hotel chains, including Iberostar, Hilton, Marriott, Sunwing, Inclusive Collection, part of World of Hyatt, and Karisma Hotels & Resorts, have expressed interest in participating in this development. This project aims to create a unique tourist destination known for its ecotourism, pristine beaches, and appeal to adventure tourism.

President Luis Abinader has shown strong commitment to developing tourism in Cabo Rojo, with plans to receive the first cruise passengers at Port Cabo Rojo on December 18. It is projected that the first hotels will be operational by the end of 2024, and construction of the airport will have begun.

The government’s support for this project includes the delivery of title certificates to those who previously occupied the land where the airport will be built in Oviedo, ensuring legal ownership and access to credit. Spanish hotel groups have also expressed their interest in establishing their brands in Cabo Rojo, with Iberostar being selected for the first phase, and potential involvement from the Meliá hotel chain in a second phase.

The development of Cabo Rojo as a tourist destination holds great potential for the Dominican Republic and the region, and it has garnered attention from both domestic and international stakeholders.

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October 17, 2023 4:04 pm

I have very mixed feelings about this project mainly because I feel that the limited financial resources of the DR Government should first be used to provide 24/7 electricity and water to the entire country. If the project was financed and constructed entirely by non Government sources, then I think the Government should give the investors a full raft of tax benefits .But that is not the case. I doubt if this project will be an instant success .It will not be like the two piers at Puerto Plata where the large cruisers dock . At Cabo Rojo the cruisers will be anchored well away from the coast and the coral and passengers will arrive at the new pier on small tenders. These are used at some ports where cruise ships go and are not nearly as popular as if the cruise ship is at the pier itself. My other concern is that except for the beautiful views of the Caribbean the area is not nearly as attractive as the hinterland of Puerto Plata and it would be sad if the area got a poor reputation It will take many decades before the Pedernales area becomes a tourist area rather than a few hour stop for cruise ship passengers and I think the DR has more pressing projects for the Government.

October 18, 2023 11:20 am
Reply to  Richard

Many large-scale tourist projects take time to yield results. Punta Cana was not an overnight success, it took 4+ decades to transform PC into the tourist hub it is today..

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