Health October 25, 2023 | 5:44 pm

Health tourism accounts for 3% of visitors to the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- In 2022 alone, the Dominican Republic received, for health tourism, more than 250 thousand patients, doubling the figures reached in 2018. Meanwhile, more than 3% of tourists visiting Dominican territory do so for health and wellness reasons.

This was revealed by Alejandro Cambiaso, president of the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (ADTS), and Amelia Reyes Mora, president of AF Comunicación Estratégica, as they unveiled the details of the 6th International Congress on Health and Wellness Tourism to be held from November 1-3 in Santo Domingo and will bring together more than 40 national and international exhibitors.

The event organizers announced part of the results of the second diagnostic study of health and wellness tourism, which offers updated post-pandemic data, which will be presented in its entirety during the congress.

They explained that the country’s position as a health tourism destination is obtained through international measurements where more than 40 variables are evaluated.

According to Listín Diario, they informed that the local quality seal is being developed and will be issued for centers that fulfill all the qualification requirements to enter health tourism.

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October 26, 2023 8:34 am

A big motivator is the cheaper cost of health care in DR…

Paul Tierney
October 26, 2023 10:00 am
Reply to  Alfredo

Cheap is the word to question. If cheap is the motivator the prospective client may have his/her requirements in poor order. Cheap cost may get you cheap quality. You receive what you pay for.

Be aware, know who you are dealing with. Do not be blinded by low prices.

October 26, 2023 8:43 pm
Reply to  Paul Tierney

I personally know of friends that live in NY and come here for medical and dental procedures for less than half the cost in NY…they are very satisfied with the care given…with proper oversight this tourist health care can succeed…I do fear that in time the medical cost may go up..

Paul Tierney
October 26, 2023 8:35 am

It is good and fine there is a movement to establish health tourism. The certification process to approve standard compliance at health destinations has to be impeccable. It would suit the government and the industry that certification inspections be performed by outside unbiased internationally recognized organizations to avoid the question of fixed results. US and/or European standards should be the norm. Many foreign health tourists have fallen victim to Dominican medical actors offering risky low-cost procedures, time for this to end.