Tourism November 5, 2023 | 11:50 am

“Kostas,” the innovative project that seeks to mitigate sargasso in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo—The arrival of sargassum on Dominican beaches is a problem that directly affects the tourism and ecological sector every year between May and September. Faced with this reality, a group of Dominican students have presented a revolutionary project backed by cutting-edge technology to tackle this challenge.

Developed in Huawei’s “Tech4Good” program, the students tackled the environmental problem caused by sargassum in the Dominican Republic with their “Kostas” project. It was presented by ten students selected by Huawei nationwide from different universities to be part of the “Seeds for the Future” program in its ninth edition in the DR.

This year, 2023, the program was held in San José, the capital of Costa Rica, in conjunction with INCAE Business School Costa Rica.

The students explained that, after several ideas and the identification of different challenges in the Dominican Republic, sargassum was the issue they decided to address as the focal point of their project. The problem affects the ecosystem, tourism, and the daily life of Dominicans, as they cannot enjoy the beautiful beaches as they used to.

Until now, the approach to Sargasso has only been reactive, “Kostas” has come to revolutionize the way to tackle this problem by offering proactive solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing, according to El Nacional.

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