Tourism November 27, 2023 | 8:09 am

Dominican tourism anchors its interest in the “Big Apple”

New York.- The Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Tourism has launched the “Change the Season” campaign, recognizing New York City as a key source of tourists for the country. David Collado, the Dominican Minister of Tourism, highlighted the United States as the primary source of tourists, with an estimated three to four million visitors expected this year. New York City, in particular, contributes the highest number of tourists.

To celebrate this relationship, the Ministry installed a dome in Times Square, New York City, showcasing the Dominican Republic’s primary attractions, including its beaches, mountains, and culinary delights.

Further acknowledging the importance of New York for Dominican tourism, David Collado announced that a tourism and real estate fair would be held in January. This event aims to encourage Dominicans living in New York to invest safely in their home country and to offer attractive prices for stays in Dominican tourist centers.

The event in Times Square was attended by Adriano Espaillat, a Dominican member of the United States House of Representatives, who mentioned that discussions in Washington often revolve around the Dominican Republic’s beautiful beaches and baseball.

Ydanis Rodríguez, the Transportation Commissioner of New York City and a Dominican who emigrated 40 years ago, also attended. He shared his personal journey from a dishwasher and sandwich maker in New York to enjoying visits to renowned Dominican destinations like the Rainieri hotels, Punta Cana, and Samaná.

Collado emphasized the country’s tourism goals, expressing confidence that the Dominican Republic will surpass ten million visitors this year, setting a new record in tourism revenue. While he refrained from setting specific expectations for 2024, Collado expressed optimism and pride in the country’s tourism achievements and its innovative approach to marketing in New York.

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