North Coast December 1, 2023 | 12:16 pm

Puerto Plata celebrates the arrival of 71 cruise ships in December

Puerto Plata.- Puerto Plata, a province in the Dominican Republic, is gearing up to welcome an impressive number of 71 cruise ships during December, a development that further cements its status as a leading tourist destination in the Caribbean. This influx of cruise ships is expected to bring a steady flow of visitors eager to explore the region’s natural and cultural attractions.

The tourist ports of Amber Cove and Taíno Bay are set to be the focal points of this surge in tourism activity. Amber Cove is preparing to host 25 of these cruise ships, while Taíno Bay will accommodate the remaining 46, totaling a remarkable 71 ships for the month.

Atahualpa Paulino, the northern regional director of tourism, highlighted the positive implications of this development. He anticipates that the arrival of these cruise ships will not only provide memorable experiences for tourists but also significantly benefit the local economy. This boost is expected to come through increased tourism and enhanced engagement with various businesses and services in the area.

Paulino is optimistic about the upcoming high cruise season, foreseeing it as a resounding success. The arrival of these ships is set to play a crucial role in reinforcing Puerto Plata’s prominence as a key tourist destination in the Caribbean. This event is not only a testament to the area’s natural and scenic beauty but also underscores its economic and cultural significance in the global tourism sector.

Furthermore, Paulino expressed gratitude for the continuous support from President Luis Abinader and Tourism Minister David Collado, whose contributions have been vital to the growth of this important industry in Puerto Plata.

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