North Coast December 12, 2023 | 1:30 pm

Puerto Plata’s beaches under yellow flag alert for cautious swimming

Puerto Plata.- The Prevention, Mitigation, and Response Committee of Puerto Plata has issued a Yellow Flag  warning for all beaches along the province’s coastal area. This alert follows reports from the National Meteorological Office indicating improved but still abnormal marine conditions, with waves reaching 5 to 7 feet during high tide along the Atlantic coast.

The Committee has also released a list of specific beaches where visitors should exercise special caution. These include:

– El Pueblito Beach
– Acapulco Beach
– Camacho Beach
– Costambar Beach (in certain areas)

Swimming at these beaches is advised only during low tide and under the supervision of lifeguards. The Committee stresses the importance of adhering to these guidelines to ensure safety.

For the other beaches in the province of Puerto Plata, bathing is permitted, but visitors are urged to follow safety measures and heed the guidance of lifeguard personnel and relevant equipment. The Committee’s priority is to guarantee the safety of all beachgoers during these variable marine conditions.

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