Tourism December 21, 2023 | 4:13 pm

Arajet expands fleet with Eighth Boeing 737 Max 8 named “Laguna Redonda”

Santo Domingo.- Arajet, the Caribbean’s low-cost airline, has enhanced its fleet with the addition of its eighth Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft, named “Laguna Redonda” after the scientific reserve in Miches. This naming strategy is part of Arajet’s social responsibility policy, focusing on promoting environmental preservation by naming aircraft after Dominican Republic’s protected areas.

The arrival of “Laguna Redonda” at the Las Américas International Airport was celebrated in a ceremony led by Victor Pacheco Méndez, CEO and Founder of Arajet. He was joined by Antoliano Peralta, Legal Consultant to the presidency, George Nader Jr., representing ProMiches, and other investor representatives and area authorities.

Pacheco Méndez expressed Arajet’s commitment to promoting Miches as a tourist destination, anticipating that the new aircraft will transport over 100,000 passengers to explore this fascinating eastern region of the Dominican Republic. He emphasized the airline’s role in increasing tourism and the importance of their growing fleet in offering affordable and reliable services.

Antoliano Peralta highlighted the significance of such initiatives in bolstering the country’s status as a regional leader in tourism, thereby benefiting the national economy. George Nader Jr. appreciated Arajet’s efforts in boosting Miches’ visibility and recognized the value of public-private collaboration in enhancing the country’s connectivity and visitor inflow.

The “Laguna Redonda,” directly arriving from Boeing’s factory in Seattle, features a 185-seat configuration. It joins other aircraft named after Dominican landmarks in Arajet’s fleet, contributing to the airline’s goal of transforming Santo Domingo into a Caribbean hub, improving connections across the Americas.

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