Tourism December 29, 2023 | 12:42 pm

En Miches Hay Futuro program empowers youth with tourism opportunities

Miches.- The “En Miches Hay Futuro” program, spearheaded by Nader Enterprises CEO George Alexander Nader, has been instrumental in raising awareness among over 150 young people in Miches about the burgeoning tourism potential in their region. This initiative, aimed at promoting sustainable development, has focused on educational activities over the past two months, highlighting the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities emerging in Miches as a viable option for productive-age individuals.

The program conducted awareness and orientation sessions at local educational centers, including the Eugenio Miches Jiménez Polytechnic, Leovigildo Mauricio Linares Lyceum, and the Padre Daniel Arts Center. A key feature of this initiative is the involvement of three young community members studying Tourism, Education, and International Relations. These students have played a pivotal role in the project, working within the community as advocates and guides, helping their peers understand and capitalize on the future prospects in Miches.

The talks delivered at these educational centers covered a wide array of topics relevant to the tourism industry. These included customer service, environmental conservation, local gastronomy, handicrafts, cultural aspects, tourist infrastructure, recreational activities, tourist safety, marketing, transportation, and language skills. The program emphasizes the wide range of job opportunities and entrepreneurial spaces opened up by the burgeoning tourism sector.

George Alexander Nader expressed that the project aims to demonstrate the pathway to training opportunities, enabling local youth to harness their strengths and seize the opportunities brought by the tourism sector. This endeavor is expected to translate the entire value chain generated by tourism into community wealth and personal growth.

Miches is seen as an ideal destination for the development of a unique tourism offer, complementing the national array through innovative investments that leverage its natural and cultural assets. Nader highlighted the importance of involving local residents, particularly the youth, in these development projects. Training and skill development are crucial to ensuring the community fully benefits from the tourism-driven opportunities.

“En Miches Hay Futuro” is more than a program; it’s a commitment to the sustainable and inclusive growth of Miches, fostering a sense of local identity and encouraging active participation of the youth in shaping their future. Nader Enterprises’ mega-tourism project, Maralda, situated on over eight million square meters in Playa Esmeralda, is a testament to this commitment, aiming to transform the region while nurturing its community.

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