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President Abinader to attend arrival of first cruise ship to Cabo Rojo

The first cruise ship, the Norwegian Pearl, will arrive at the Cabo Rojo port on Thursday, January 4, marking the beginning of cruise tourism in the Pedernales province.

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader will attend the arrival of the first cruise ship to the Cabo Rojo port in the province of Pedernales on Thursday, where he will also inaugurate several works there and in the provinces of Peravia and Barahona.

According to the Presidential Press Office, on Wednesday, the president will begin his work agenda at noon in Peravia with the inauguration of the Liceo Experimental Profesor Carlos McKinney of the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD).

The president’s itinerary will continue in the province of Azua with the delivery of property titles. On Wednesday, Abinader will also travel to Barahona, where he will preside over the inauguration of the Barahona-Enriquillo highway section, which is 26.6 kilometers long.

The president will conclude his work agenda on Wednesday in the province of Pedernales with the inauguration of the renovated Dr. Elio Fiallo Hospital and with the delivery of a Primary Care Center.

He will stay overnight in Pedernales and on Thursday will begin his official agenda at 8:00 am with the inauguration of the first stage of the Cabo Rojo port, and then lead the arrival of the first cruise ship to Pedernales.

Heavy cargo traffic will not be able to operate until Friday 5 in Pedernales, a prohibition that is intended to prevent traffic accidents in view of the increase in activities in that demarcation due to the arrival of cruise passengers.

The visit of the cruise ship is a major milestone for the development of Pedernales, which is located in the southwestern region of the Dominican Republic. The port of Cabo Rojo is expected to generate significant economic activity and create jobs in the region.

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