Tourism January 5, 2024 | 12:05 pm

Cabo Rojo Port Launch: President Abinader foresees major boost in tourism and economy

Pedernales.- President Luis Abinader has announced an ambitious vision for tourism growth in Pedernales with the launch of the new Cabo Rojo port, situated 245 kilometers southwest of the Dominican capital. At the inaugural event of the port’s first phase, marked by the docking of the first cruise ship, President Abinader declared this as a transformative moment for the region.

Describing Pedernales and Cabo Rojo as now fully operational, the President expressed optimism about the region’s future. He emphasized that tourism will be a primary growth driver, complemented by support for other sectors like agriculture.

President Abinader projected that by 2026, the Cabo Rojo port would attract one million cruise passengers annually, significantly impacting the local economy. This development is expected to create 3,000 direct and over 10,000 indirect jobs, marking a substantial economic uplift for the area.

Further outlining his long-term vision, President Abinader stated that within the next decade, Pedernales would undergo a complete transformation. He anticipated that in twenty years, it would emerge as a new tourist hub, significantly contributing to the Dominican Republic’s tourism industry.

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