Tourism January 9, 2024 | 9:45 am

Andrés Van der Horst advocates for Public Trust model in tourism development

Santo Domingo.- Andrés Van der Horst, the executive director of Fiduciaria Banreservas, has emphasized the success of the public trust model in the development of the Cabo Rojo project in Pedernales. He believes this approach should be replicated to foster other projects across the Dominican Republic.

Van der Horst explained how the lands of Bahía de las Águilas are safeguarded within the trust, while simultaneously offering private investors the opportunity to collaborate with the trust. This partnership aims to develop 12 hotels in Cabo Rojo, enhancing the new southern destination. This development plan includes the construction of an airport, 4,700 hotel rooms over four years, and a cruise port.

He highlighted the project’s potential for job creation, estimating around 10,000 direct jobs this year (2024) and projecting about 60,000 jobs in the area within five years. Van der Horst underscored the importance of using the trust model to ensure that the lands remain under state protection and that their intended use – be it urban, agricultural, or tourist – is thoughtfully considered.

The Pedernales project, underpinned by this trust model, is set to become a benchmark for promoting tourism in other regions of the country, showcasing a successful blend of environmental protection, private investment, and sustainable development.

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