Tourism January 11, 2024 | 11:46 am

Ministry of Tourism issues resolution to regulate cruise terminal services

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic (Mitur) issued a new resolution on January 9, 2024 to regulate the provision of services at cruise terminals in the country.

The tourism authorities have implemented a comprehensive set of regulations to guarantee the highest standards of quality across all aspects of the cruise terminal experience. From meticulously maintained facilities and well-trained staff to robust security measures and clear signage, every detail is intensively considered to ensure a smooth and worry-free visit.

Key points of the document

  • Requires all service providers at cruise ports to have a valid operating license and describes specific requirements for facilities, security, signage, and staff training.
  • Requires operators to report passenger counts and any incidents to the Ministry of Tourism and requests collaboration with relevant government agencies.
  • Establishes obligations for cruise port operators, including the implementation of security measures and service quality, as well as the notification of passenger counts and incidents to the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Requires collaboration with relevant government agencies and public dissemination.

Other aspects

Operating licenses for service providers: All service providers at cruise ports must have a valid operating license issued by the Ministry of Tourism, according to the type of service provided. Individuals or entities that use third parties under a subcontracting arrangement must ensure that the subcontractor also has a valid license.

Compliance with specific regulations: Restaurants must comply with the provisions of Regulation No. 2116, on Classification and Standards for Restaurants, while gift shops must follow Regulation No. 2123 for gift shops. Travel agencies must comply with the provisions of Decree 815-03, which approves the regulation of classification and standards for travel agencies.

Security and quality measures at cruise ports: Cruise port operators must implement measures to ensure the highest standards of security and quality in the provision of services. These measures include the development of prevention and contingency management programs, the development of strategies to maintain security, the placement of maps and signs in Spanish and English, and the guarantee of adequate general lighting and permanent surveillance in the port facilities.

Obligation to inform the Ministry of Tourism: Operators of cruise ports are required to inform the Ministry of Tourism, within the first three (3) days of each month, the number of passengers who leave the terminals and enter the port facilities.

Mitur is unwavering in its dedication to providing an exceptional experience for every visitor who sets foot on its shores. This commitment extends to those arriving by cruise ship, ensuring their safety, satisfaction, and enjoyment throughout their time in the country.

Furthermore, Mitur is committed to fostering a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere at its cruise terminals. This includes showcasing the rich culture and natural beauty of the Dominican Republic through locally-owned shops and restaurants, as well as offering a variety of exciting excursions and activities for visitors to explore.

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