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Tourism in the Dominican Republic goes beyond the hotels

Photo from arecoa

Santo Domingo.- A survey conducted by the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Tourism challenges the belief that foreign tourists only benefit hotels and have little interaction with local businesses and attractions. The findings reveal that six out of ten non-resident foreign tourists in 2023 engaged in activities outside their accommodations, with 84% willing to repeat these experiences.

Of the 53,810 travelers interviewed between June and December 2023, 80% stayed in hotels but also ventured to engage in activities at other destinations. Popular attractions included Saona Island and the Colonial City of Santo Domingo. Saona Island, attracting 18% of tourists, stood out for its natural beauty and accessibility. Punta Cana was the top destination for 42% of tourists, followed by the Colonial Zone at 8%.

Tourists also visited places like Catalina Island, Cayo Levantado, the Puerto Plata cable car, Hoyo Azul in Punta Cana, Los Haitises, and Altos de Chavón. In terms of activities, 14% preferred buggy rides and 10% chose diving. Others engaged in horseback riding, zip-lining, visiting theme parks, and playing golf.

Jacqueline Mora, the Technical Vice Minister of Tourism, noted that as the tourism offerings increase, so will tourists’ participation in activities outside of hotels. Additionally, she highlighted that 44% of the tourists came from the United States, followed by Canada, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Spain. Interestingly, 54% of the non-resident foreigners had visited the Dominican Republic more than once.

These findings underscore the broader economic impact of tourism in the Dominican Republic, suggesting that the benefits extend well beyond the hotel industry to encompass a range of local businesses and attractions.

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Peter Harris
January 16, 2024 7:20 pm

Areas such as the Colonial Zone or the village of Boca Chica have suffered due to all-inclusive hotel packages. Beautiful restaurants that were ‘ahead of their time’ have closed as a result. ARAJET will make more Canadians aware of Santo Domingo with direct flights from Toronto and Montreal. Canadians know little of the Dominican Republic outside of Punta CaNada !