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George Bell crowned King Momo of Punta Cana Carnival 2024

Punta Cana, DR.- George Bell was chosen as the King Momo of the 15th edition of the Punta Cana Carnival on Saturday, an initiative of the Puntacana Group.

Bell, who played in Major League Baseball in the 1980s and 1990s, was the first player in the Majors to hit three home runs in an opening day game.

Bell rode along the boulevard in a collector’s car driven by Frank Rainieri, Founder of the Puntacana Group. “I am very happy for this distinction, thank you very much,” said the former baseball player.

This distinction is awarded to outstanding and influential national figures who inspire Dominican society with their work and, in turn, promote art, culture, and sports.

Majestic costume

The King Momo’s cape and crown were designed and created by plastic artist Luis Rivas. The costume stands out for the simplicity of its lines, highlighting the colors red and black, resulting in a majestic staging.

Rivas is known as a creator of carnival fantasies, excelling in “comparsas”, carnival parade floats, and costumes for beauty queens that represent the Dominican Republic.

Several personalities have been chosen as Kings Momo of the different editions of the Punta Cana Carnival since its inception. These include Oscar de la Renta, Dagoberto Tejeda, Milly Quezada, Eddy Herrera, Juan Marichal, among others.

More than just a tourist spectacle, the Punta Cana Carnival offers a vibrant immersion into the heart and soul of Dominican culture. This annual celebration explodes with a kaleidoscope of colors, where meticulously crafted costumes and masks become living pieces of art. Lively music fills the air, pulsating with infectious merengue beats and soulful bachata melodies, leaving no foot tapping in its wake.

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