North Coast February 8, 2024 | 4:16 pm

Cabarete beach hosts world surfing tournament

Cabarete, DR.- The stunning Cabarete beach has transformed into the global hub of surfing with the thrilling commencement of the “Surf and Wind City Cabarete Pro” tournament. Attracting top surfers worldwide, this premier event showcases a captivating display of skill and agility, both on the waves and in the wind.

The opening day unfolded with spectacular action, delivering a paradise-powered experience to the gathered spectators. Surfers exhibited breathtaking aerial maneuvers, conquered waves with exceptional prowess, and courageously faced challenging winds that tested their abilities.

The round of 16, featuring 56 and 48 competitors, provided intense moments filled with emotion and adrenaline. Each wave and maneuver demonstrated precision and passion, reflecting the dedication and talent of the participants. The outcomes have built palpable anticipation for the upcoming confrontations, promising even more excitement.

The next round of competitions is set for tomorrow at 8:30 am AST, as surfers gear up to once again challenge the waves and vie for the coveted title of champion in this prestigious tournament.

The organizers of the “Surf and Wind City Cabarete Pro” extend their gratitude to participants, sponsors, and the vibrant local community for their unwavering support. This event not only showcases the natural beauty of Cabarete but also enhances the Dominican Republic’s reputation as a world-class surf destination.

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