North Coast February 12, 2024 | 10:22 am

IX Annual Meeting for Samaná tourism development

Samaná, DR.- Under the theme “Samaná, education, and competitiveness in a destination,” the Samaná Tourism Cluster (CTS) and the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Samaná (AHETSA) convened the IX Annual Meeting for the Tourism Development of Samaná at the Santa Barbara Hall, Puerto Bahía, Samaná.

Jesús Durán, the president of CTS, emphasized their primary goal to promote tourism development in the province of Samaná. He aimed for the economic benefits generated by tourism to be visible and enjoyed by all inhabitants, ultimately elevating their standards of living and contributing to progress and happiness.

Juan Bancalari, president of AHETSA, likened Samaná to his own home and stressed the need for educational advancement to match regional competitors, stating it was essential for the continuous development and improvement of residents’ quality of life.

Enrique Darwin Caraballo, executive director of Business Action for Education (EDUCA), addressed the state of education in the Dominican Republic and Samaná, discussing potential opportunities for change.

Ana María Landucci, Managing Partner of Ackermann Colombia, emphasized the necessity for collaboration among various entities, including government bodies, educational institutions, organizations, and philanthropies, to enhance access to development and retain high-quality talent.

Ricardo Montaner, renowned singer-songwriter and president of the Montaner Foundation, presented the theme “Bayacú, education with purpose.” Montaner expressed a commitment to education, unveiling plans for the Bayacú School in Samaná, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts.

Other participants in the meeting included Leonor Elmúdesi de Bancalari, the general director of the Lux Mundi educational community; Alejandro Matas, director of the Bahia Príncipe Ecological Foundation, and Jovanny Rodríguez, academic vice-rector of the Open University for Adults (UAPA). They engaged in a discussion on “Education as a Key Factor for the Competitiveness of a Tourist Destination,” moderated by Laura Caminero.

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