Tourism February 13, 2024 | 9:10 am

David Collado affirms resilience of Dominican tourism amidst Haitian crisis

Santo Domingo.- Minister of Tourism, David Collado, unequivocally asserted that the current crisis unfolding in Haiti, marked by a series of anti-government demonstrations resulting in casualties, does not pose a threat to the tourism sector in the Dominican Republic. Despite the tumultuous situation in Haiti, Collado expressed confidence in the resilience of the Dominican tourism industry, highlighting that January witnessed the highest percentage of visitors in the country’s history.

“We have no indications of any decline that could be of concern for tourism in the DR. Tourism remains strong and firm. We have just presented the January numbers, which mark the best January in the history of tourism in the country, and the month of February is already shaping up to be the best February in history,” remarked Collado.

The Minister emphasized that the Dominican Republic’s tourism sector is maintaining its robust performance, showing no signs of faltering amidst the challenges faced by its neighboring nation. He underscored the stability and positive trajectory, dispelling any concerns about the impact of the Haitian crisis on the tourism landscape.

In addition to his insights on the tourism sector, Collado joined the call for international organizations to actively seek and implement concrete solutions to address the complex situation in Haiti. Acknowledging the significance of international cooperation, he stressed the importance of finding sustainable resolutions to the crisis that would benefit both nations.

As the Dominican Republic remains steadfast in its commitment to a thriving tourism industry, Minister Collado’s reassurances and call for international support underscore the interconnectedness of regional stability and the broader implications of crises affecting neighboring countries.

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