Tourism February 22, 2024 | 6:12 pm

Puerto Plata unveils its diversified offerings at ANATO, Colombia

Puerto Plata, DR.- A large delegation from Puerto Plata, including authorities, tourism leaders, business owners, and media, is gearing up to attend the 43rd edition of the ANATO tourism showcase. This prestigious event takes place from February 28 to March 1 at Corferias Bogotá, Colombia.

The Dominican Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) will place special emphasis on Puerto Plata, showcasing its recent developments and diverse offerings. This collaboration includes a special flight arranged by Arajet airline from Santo Domingo, coordinated by Mitur and the Puerto Plata Tourism Cluster.

Excitement buzzes among Puerto Plata’s representatives, eager to connect with tour operators, travel agents, airlines, and industry players from over 30 countries. They will present the latest advancements across various Dominican destinations, highlighting Puerto Plata’s unique diversification.

Leading the delegation are local officials like Mayor Diomedes García and Mitur North Regional Director Carlos Atahualpa Paulino. Private sector representatives include Birgitt Heinsen (Tourism Cluster president), Carlos Rodolí (ASHONORTE), César José de los Santos (Playa Dorada Hotels Association), and Mileyka Brugal (Chamber of Commerce).

Joining them are prominent business figures and representatives from Blue Bay, Ocean World, VH Hotels, Manureva Tours, Freedom Builders Global Group, and the municipal government. Additionally, artists and cultural ambassadors will showcase the destination’s vibrant identity.

“We are deeply grateful for this recognition from Mitur,” stated the delegation. “At ANATO, we aim to strengthen ties with existing partners and forge new relationships to enhance our promotion strategy and attract even more visitors.”

This year, the DR Tourism Road Show Colombia presents a unique opportunity for Puerto Plata to have its own dedicated space, hosted by a local stakeholder. This timely presentation will highlight the full potential of Puerto Plata’s diverse offerings to a captivated audience.

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