Tourism February 24, 2024 | 12:28 pm

Dominican Republic fuels hotel boom: will open 3,000 rooms in 2024

The boom the Dominican tourism industry is experiencing, especially its hotel offering projects from prestigious international brands, is an aspect that Asonahores is already highlighting, anticipating that in 2024, the country’s hotel plant will add 3,000 new rooms.

“In 2024, some 3,000 hotel rooms are expected to be formally inaugurated in projects being developed in Punta Cana and Miches; in the case of this new tourist center, we are aware of two projects that will be opening this year,” said the president of Asonahores, David Llibre.

The executive of the country’s largest tourism association also referred to the hotel growth that will be registered in Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo in the short term.

Llibre recalled, “in Puerto Plata two new projects will start in Punta Bergantín, one with the Rainieri family and another with the Hyatt chain. In addition, we will soon learn of new projects that are in the process of negotiation.” (Meliá, “perfect ally” of Rainieri in his bet for Puerto Plata).

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