Tourism February 28, 2024 | 6:53 pm

High-profile delegation represents Puerto Plata at ANATO 2024

Bogotá.– Dominican Republic’s Minister of Tourism, David Collado, ushered in Puerto Plata’s debut as Mitur’s guest destination at the ANATO 2024 tourism showcase held in the Colombian capital from February 28th to March 1st.

A first-time participant, Puerto Plata sent a robust delegation of over 80 members, comprising government officials, business leaders, tourism representatives, and select media outlets.

This prominent presence reflects the destination’s current dynamism, fueled by ambitious projects poised to revolutionize its tourism landscape.

During the ceremony at the Dominican Republic’s stand, Minister Collado underscored the significance of Colombia in sustaining Dominican tourism’s growth. He emphasized the vast potential for Puerto Plata within this crucial market, the nation’s third, attracting 300,000 annual visitors and experiencing a 20% increase in 2023 compared to 2022.

Birgitt Heinsen, President of the Puerto Plata Tourism Cluster, expressed gratitude to the Minister on behalf of the delegation. Acknowledging the destination’s positive momentum and the collaborative efforts of public and private sector authorities, she stated, “Motivated by the alliance formed between Mitur, Asonahores, Arajet, and our institutions, we seek new partnerships and air connections for Puerto Plata. We are confident that this endeavor will yield positive outcomes for our entire sector.”

High-profile attendees marked the opening ceremony of the Puerto Plata stand 

Government officials present included Félix Aracena Vargas, Dominican Republic’s Ambassador to Colombia; Diomedes García, Mayor of San Felipe de Puerto Plata; Manuel Sánchez Silverio, Mayor of Maimón; and Carlos Atahualpa Paulino, Regional Director North for Mitur.

Industry leaders in attendance were César José de los Santos, representing the Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Tourist Companies of the North (ASHONORTE); Manuel Finke, representing the Association of Hotels and Commercial Establishments of Playa Dorada; and Mileyka Brugal, representing the Chamber of Commerce and Free Zone of Puerto Plata.

Prominent business figures like Carlos Rodolí, Grecia Gómez, José Natalio Redondo, Roberto Casoni, and many others, joined the ceremony.

Representatives from key tourism entities, including Blue Bay, Ocean World, VH Hotels and Resorts, Manureva Tours, Amhsa Marina, Natura Cabana, Green Land Bubble Glamping, Freedom Builders Global Group SRL, The Ocean Club Costa Norte, and a commission from the municipal government, were also present.

Additionally, Isidro García and Deyanira Pappatera from Banco de Reservas; Héctor Porcella, General Director of IDAC; David Llibre, Executive President of ASONAHORES; Andres Marranzini, Executive Director of the Punta Bergantín project; Antonio Yapor, Executive Director of the Dominican Association of Airports; and Luis López, Executive President of Amhsa Marina, all contributed to the high-profile nature of the event.

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