Tourism February 28, 2024 | 2:40 pm

WTJO reveals program of 13th Intl. Congress of Journalists and Tourism Professionals

Campos do Jordão, Brazil.- The 13th International Congress of Journalists and Tourism Professionals will be held on March 9th at the Quebra Noz Hotel in Campos do Jordão, Brazil. The event will feature presentations by Brazilian and international professionals who will reflect on luxury tourism and sustainability.

The program of activities is as follows:

9:00 AM Registration

9:15 AM Opening

9:30 AM Presentations:

  • Luxury Gastronomy: The voracious appetite of the Five Star diner by Juan de Dios Valentín Rosario, Dominican Republic.
  • Roatán: turquoise, coral and magic by Leonel Espinoza, Honduras.

10:30 AM Presentation of the book “Everything about my trip” from the International Certification in Travel Journalism.

11:00 AM Presentations:

  • Behind the Glamour: Discovering excellence in exclusive experiences by Kevin Casanova, Kevin Cadena, María Fernanda Moreno and Mauricio Andrés Manrique, Colombia.
  • Sustainable Tourism “Under new management” by Silvia Schmidt, Brazil.

11:30 AM Announcement of the 14th International Congress of Journalists and Tourism Professionals.

Coffee break.

12:00 PM Presentations:

  • Engenho Triunfo: how sugarcane bagasse changed the destiny of a community by Maria Júlia Baracho, Brazil.
  • Storytelling vs stories: How to achieve true luxury and true sustainability? by Miguel Ledhesma, Mexico-Argentina.

12:30 PM Presentation of the 2024 Open Passport International Award: Cali, Colombia.

The congress is a valuable opportunity for journalists and tourism professionals to learn about the latest trends in the industry and to network with colleagues from around the world.

For more information, please visit the website of the World Organization of Tourism Journalists (WOTJ):

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