Tourism March 4, 2024 | 11:23 am

CTAO Foundation: promoting domestic tourism at the Barahona Expoturismo Fair

Barahona.- The CTAO Tourism Cluster Foundation of Operating Agencies is actively expanding its presence and playing a crucial role in the promotion of both domestic and international tourism. The foundation recently participated in the Barahona 2024 Expoturism Fair, demonstrating its commitment to supporting initiatives like those led by businessman Kelvin Ortiz Faña, the event organizer.

Omar Rivera Maldonado, the president of FCTAO, shared insights into the foundation’s involvement at the Barahona 2024 Expoturism Fair, highlighting the public support garnered at their stand. He emphasized the significant contribution of 100 travel agencies and group leaders associated with the CTAO Foundation, who were dedicated to promoting Barahona as an attractive tourist destination among their clientele.

The overarching theme of the event, “Tourism and Attractions Expo For the Love of Barahona,” was seen as a commendable challenge met by Grupo Maca in its continuous efforts to contribute to the country’s development, as expressed by Kelvin Ortiz Faña, the event organizer.

Expressing gratitude for the CTAO Foundation’s presence, Kelvin Ortiz Faña acknowledged the foundation’s expertise, credibility, and leadership in the tourism sector. He emphasized the importance of the alliance with the foundation and its 100 contributing travel agencies in ensuring the success of the ExpoTurismo Barahona 2024 Fair.

Omar Rivera, president of Pachanga Tours and CTAO Foundation, reiterated the foundation’s commitment to its objectives of promoting domestic and international tourism and empowering travel agents across various sectors. He highlighted their dedication to the slogan, “We are dedicated to you.”

Recognizing the significance of effective communication for travel agents, Rivera underscored its role in acquiring and retaining clients in both local and international markets. This sentiment was echoed by Omar Rivera, Brand and Image Advisor, emphasizing the importance of strategic communication for travel agents.

Pavel De Camps, an expert in market research, shed light on the impact of media on economic, tourism, and social development. He pointed to statistics indicating the growing trend of seeking information on travel, tourism, offers, food, drinks, hospitality, and entertainment on digital platforms and social networks.

Mario Lara, Deputy Director of the CTAO Foundation, highlighted the foundation’s role as a reference point for the economic, business, and government sectors, as well as the media. He emphasized the foundation’s track record in promoting tourism and enhancing the country’s image.

The three-day Expoturismo Barahona 2024 featured exhibitions showcasing representative areas of the Barahona province, craft presentations, artistic gastronomy, and conferences. The event attracted local, government, and business authorities, along with ambassadors from Morocco, India, and El Salvador. These representatives exchanged experiences and highlighted the potential of the Barahona province as promoted by the initiative of media entrepreneur Kelvin Ortiz Faña.

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