North Coast March 30, 2024 | 12:22 pm

Puerto Plata: Mitur and hotel sector expect to receive 50 thousand visitors

Puerto Plata—The North Coast is preparing to receive the thousands of vacationers who choose to spend the Holy Week holiday in the area. Hence, authorities of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) said that Samaná, María Trinidad Sánchez, and Puerto Plata to Montecristi are working on conditioning and cleaning algae from the main beaches.

In addition, they placed a security system and a large staff as part of the actions undertaken by the Mitur and the hotel sector because they estimate that about 50,000 people could visit the coastal towns from Thursday to Sunday.

A total of 1,000 police and military personnel will be deployed for security.

Carlos Atahualpa Paulino, northern regional director of Mitur, said that in the province of Puerto Plata alone, 22,800 people are expected to visit.

He indicated that during the Semana Mayor, Puerto Plata’s more than nine thousand rooms are all full, and 12,800 visitors from different countries are expected to arrive only by air.

In María Trinidad Sánchez, 10,000 visitors are expected to visit its beaches and resorts, and another 7,000 in Montecristi.

The official informed us that on five beaches of Puerto Plata, such as Cofresí, Pueblito, Camacho, and Costa Rica on the boardwalk, and Sosúa, they are working on the placement of towers for the safety of bathers.

“In the case of the beach cleaning, it is a work that we do permanently together with the hotel businessmen of this area,” Paulino told elCaribe.

Meanwhile, the provincial governor of Puerto Plata, Clariza Rochet, informed that 12,800 travelers and another 48,000 cruise passengers are expected to arrive by air through the two terminals, Amber Cove and Taíno Bay.

The Executive Branch representative said they are working with the emergency, mitigation, and response committee to organize the Easter Week operation. The area’s businessmen hope that the presence of thousands of Dominicans visiting the Dominican Republic for domestic tourism will boost the economy.

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April 1, 2024 2:54 am

Politur should get involved in conjunction with environmental agencies to stop the illegal sale of gasoline and diesel in the touristic areas Juan dolio …los bancos de arena and boca chica.
Corrupted officials are ruining the water near the shore allowing oil spill and fuel spills thus contaminating the beach…..
What a shame.