Bavaro & Punta Cana April 3, 2024 | 8:24 am

Dynamic Holy Week: Cap Cana’s family-friendly festivities

Cap Cana. – During the Holy Week holiday, Cap Cana orchestrated a plethora of activities catering to families, in line with its ethos of promoting a vibrant lifestyle for residents, owners, and visitors alike.

The destination buzzed with energy, offering a diverse array of recreational options suitable for individuals of all ages, reflecting the zeitgeist of modern urban living.

Traditional religious observances unfolded at the La Sagrada Familia church in Las Canas City, including meditation sessions and the Stations of the Cross ceremonies, imbuing the holy days with solemnity and reflection.

Complementing these spiritual pursuits were family-friendly activities such as the Easter Golf Tournament at the Punta Espada Golf Course, a bustling Fish Market at La Palapa de Eden Roc, and a children’s fishing tournament at La Marina. Enthusiasts could also engage in pilates, wellness talks, and even learn the art of cigar making.

Wellness took center stage with offerings like Sunset Yoga, Sound Healing Workshops, and live music performances at various venues including the serene lake hosting the Corona Sunset event, Casa Remedio, Eden Roc, Barbudo, and Sanctuary Town. Moreover, El Dorado Water Park introduced its innovative concept “Nights At The Park” at the amphitheater, adding an extra dimension of nocturnal entertainment.

For gastronomy aficionados, a delectable array of dining options was available, paying homage to traditional Holy Week fare while offering diverse culinary experiences at destination restaurants.

Throughout the week, the pristine beaches, luxurious hotels, and thrilling Scape Park eco-adventure park welcomed a steady stream of visitors, ensuring a vibrant and memorable holiday experience for all.

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