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Banco Popular Vacation Fair offers discounts at 50 hotels and 7 airlines

Santo Domingo.- Banco Popular Dominicano’s Vacation Fair, running from April 10 to 20, offers enticing deals for its 700,000 cardholders. They can enjoy discounts on stays at 50 hotels across the country and flights on 7 international airlines, saving up to 26%.

In addition to discounts on prices, customers who take advantage of the promotion will enjoy the benefit of Popular Miles redeemed for these purchases having an additional 15% value.

This fair of vacation offers in accommodation and travel, whose details are found on the website [se quitó una URL no válida], reaffirms the bank’s commitment to promoting the tourism industry and offering benefits to its credit card clientele, with valuable experiences for its different audiences.

Leadership and innovation

Banco Popular currently leads the volume of credit card portfolios in the country, with 30% of the market. This share was reaffirmed in 2023, when the bank expanded its portfolio with commercial cards under the BIZ line and personal credit cards such as the Visa ISI and the renewal of the Mastercard Infinia. ISI and Infinia base their value proposition on cashback for consumption in everyday categories, representing a great saving on cardholders’ daily consumption.

Last year, Popular became the first Dominican bank to integrate all its debit and credit cards into the Google Wallet, through Google Pay, offering this digital payment advantage to its Android device users.

In the meantime, from the Popular App there are multiple functionalities that facilitate the management of credit cards from the mobile application, improving the user experience, such as the temporary blocking and unlocking of credit cards, the request of account statements, the activation of new cards and the assignment or change of security PIN number, among others.

In 2023, billing through Popular credit cards exceeded RD$200,559 million, with more than 60 million transactions. This achievement is accompanied by the issuance of 4,753 new cards.

In addition, its loyalty system Millas Popular redeemed 2,726 million miles last year, in some 130,000 redemptions.

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