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INFOTEP certifies 35 to fuel Pedernales’ tourism boom

Pedernales, DR.- The National Institute of Technical and Vocational Training (INFOTEP) and the Genera ITM Foundation joined forces to certify 35 participants in six training programs designed to equip them for the burgeoning tourism sector in Pedernales.

These newly certified professionals completed courses in areas like “5S Techniques for Continuous Improvement,” “Development of Essential Skills for Customer Service,” and “Hygiene, Handling, and Food Safety,” ensuring they possess the skills necessary to meet the rising demand for qualified labor in the province.

Elvis Céspedes, deputy head of INFOTEP’s Southern Regional Directorate, emphasized that these training initiatives directly support President Luis Abinader’s vision for the Enriquillo region, encompassing the provinces of Barahona, Pedernales, Bahoruco, and Independencia.

The collaboration with Genera ITM specifically aims to prepare the local workforce for the job opportunities emerging from the development of Cabo Rojo and the overall growth of Pedernales’ tourism sector. Lludy Terrero, director of the Genera Foundation, expressed confidence that these graduates possess the necessary qualifications to be competitive in the local job market, including potential employment with the Port Cabo Rojo project.

INFOTEP’s commitment to Pedernales extends beyond this recent certification. Between 2021 and 2023, the institute has delivered over 350 training programs, impacting more than 6,480 participants and providing over 38,454 hours of instruction. The areas of greatest focus have included Hospitality and Tourism, Administration, Food Preparation, and various technical skills.

Furthermore, a comprehensive training program was developed in 2023 in partnership with ITM, the company leading the construction of Cabo Rojo Port. This program specifically targeted individuals from local communities, equipping them for various port-related roles and complementing the existing workforce. Training modules included Bar and Restaurant Management, Food and Beverage Preparation, and essential safety certifications.

The Genera ITM Foundation, a non-profit organization, plays a crucial role in these initiatives. Their mission centers on environmental and cultural preservation, alongside promoting economic development and fostering decent employment opportunities within the communities they serve. Their strategic programs prioritize human rights with a cultural focus, while also encouraging the creation of small and medium-sized businesses.

With a skilled and prepared local workforce, Pedernales positions itself to thrive within the Dominican Republic’s growing tourism sector.

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