Tourism April 15, 2024 | 1:27 pm

JAC announces increased air routes: Portugal, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Italy, and Madrid

Santo Domingo.- With a steadfast commitment to enhancing air connectivity and expanding travel options for passengers, José Marte Piantini, President of the Civil Aviation Board (JAC), announced an increase in routes and frequencies for various airlines operating international flights to and from the Dominican Republic.

Marte Piantini emphasized that bolstering the country’s air connectivity is a top priority for President Luis Abinader’s administration, highlighting its crucial role in boosting productivity across key economic sectors.

During the seventh session of the year, the JAC president disclosed several developments, including ORBEST’s request for special permission to conduct weekly flights on the Lisbon/Samaná/Lisbon route from June 28 to September 20, 2024. Additionally, Air Canada sought authorization for 26 cargo flights on the Toronto/Mexico/Quito/Punta Cana/Toronto route, running from May 2 to October 24, with a frequency of one flight every Thursday. They also requested approval for flights on the Ottawa/Punta Cana/Ottawa route from March 31 to April 28, with one flight each Friday and Sunday.

In the first session of the month, the JAC learned of requests from Neos and Evelop Airlines for flights to and from the Dominican Republic under special permission. Neos, an Italian carrier, sought authorization for routes including Verona/Rome/La Romana/Verona and Malpensa/Rome/La Romana/Malpensa. Meanwhile, Spanish operator Evelop Airlines requested approval for flights on the Barcelona/Punta Cana/Barcelona route from June 25 to September 10, 2024, with one flight every Tuesday.

Furthermore, the JAC reviewed Air Europa’s request for flights, under codeshare agreements with Turkish Airlines and Etihad Airways, on the Madrid/Santo Domingo/Madrid route from March 31 to October 26, 2024, with seven flights per week. Air Europa will serve as the operating carrier, with Turkish Airlines and Etihad Airways acting as market operators.

Lastly, Sunwing Airlines submitted a request to operate 94 passenger flights from April 1 to May 22, 2024, to and from various Canadian cities, including Bagotville, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Fredericton, Toronto, Quebec, and Saskatoon.

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