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Ecotourism and Production Fair held in Sabana de la Mar concludes

Sabana de la Mar, DR.- The XXVIII Ecotourism and Production Fair, organized in this municipality by the Science and Art Foundation under the leadership of economists Jacqueline Boin and José Serulle Ramia, concluded with resounding success, boasting massive participation from various sectors including students, teachers, merchants, producers, and regional authorities.

At the closing ceremony, speeches were delivered by Jacqueline Boin, president of the foundation, alongside Mary Vásquez, Governor of Hato Mayor province, Samuel Taveras, Mayor of Sabana de la Mar, and other notable figures. They collectively underscored the significance of the event and its positive impact on the municipality and surrounding communities within the Hato Mayor, El Seibo, and Samaná provinces. Representatives from entities such as the Dominican Red Cross and the Special Fund for Agricultural Development (FEDA) were also in attendance.

Boin emphasized in her closing remarks that the fair successfully achieved its primary objective of fostering conditions conducive to enhancing the standard and quality of life for residents. She also highlighted the establishment of the Association for the Comprehensive Development of the Hato Mayor, El Seibo, and Samaná provinces as a motivational outcome of the event.

“The conferences and debates held as part of the scientific program provided valuable insights for the development of public policies and recommendations for leveraging the natural and cultural wealth of the region in favor of its diverse population,” stated Boin.

She further elaborated on the diverse agricultural production in the Hato Mayor province and recommended various strategies to expand and optimize it, thereby creating more employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Ecotourism, with its potential to drive development and protect natural resources, was highlighted as a key engine of growth for the region. Boin proposed projects such as panoramic routes between Hato Mayor and Sabana de la Mar as part of an ecotourism route integrating natural and cultural heritage.

The importance of environmental conservation, the organization of territory, and the formation of associations and cooperatives for community development were also emphasized during the fair.

Governor Mary Vásquez stressed the need for the fair’s conclusions to translate into tangible development opportunities for families and communities.

Mayor Samuel Taveras emphasized the importance of creating socioeconomic, environmental, and political conditions conducive to community and regional development.

As a special guest, India’s ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Ramu Abbagani, actively participated in the fair, further enhancing its international significance.

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