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Luisa Feliz scoops best gastronomic journalism award

Santo Domingo.- Communicator and Dominicana Gourmet founder Luisa Feliz bagged an award for best gastronomic journalism at the Dominican Republic National Gastronomy Awards held at the Hotel Catalonia Santo Domingo.

Dominicana Gourmet, a magazine specializing in gastronomy and tourism, has been highlighting the country’s culinary riches for over 15 years, showcasing the work of entrepreneurs, producers, pastry chefs, chefs, and gastronomic destinations. The award recognizes the magazine’s efforts and contributions to positioning Dominican gastronomy on the world map.

This gastronomic media outlet gives visibility to those who often go unheard in the sector, managing to showcase other culinary attractions that make the Dominican Republic unique. Thanks to its loyal followers, professionals, and businesspeople in the food and tourism industries, this award was won by popular vote.

Marcelle Álvarez, director of the Association of Gastronomy and Hospitality (AGH), presented the award at an event that brought together prominent figures from the gastronomic sector as well as select representatives of the press.

“We are immensely grateful to everyone who supports our work. We dedicate this award to women, producers, and the entire value chain that makes it possible for the Dominican Republic to be recognized for its delectable flavors. In particular, we dedicate it to our mother Leonarda Julián for instilling in us from an early age that work brings dignity,” Feliz expressed.

Communicator Luisa Feliz reaffirmed the Buen Vivir Group’s unwavering commitment to continuing to contribute to the development of Dominican gastronomy.

The awards ceremony also saw recognition for Barra Payán, Cosas del País, A & B Masters, Típico Bonao, and other actors in the national gastronomic segment.

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