North Coast May 4, 2024 | 12:30 pm

Puerto Plata strengthens its boom in cruise ships: 43 vessels will arrive in May

Puerto Plata.- The director of Tourism in the Northern Region, Atahualpa Paulino, announced the arrival of thousands of cruise passengers during the month of May 2024, as Puerto Plata will receive a total of 43 cruise ships through the tourist ports Amber Cove and Taino Bay.

“According to the schedule the 43 cruise ships scheduled to arrive at the “Bride of the Atlantic”, 23 will dock at the Port of Amber Cove, while the remaining 20 will dock at the Port of Taino Bay,” he explained.

He stressed the importance of this constant flow of visitors, who not only enjoy the region’s natural beauties but also contribute significantly to the local economy.

“The thousands of visitors who come to the city of Puerto Plata have the opportunity to explore a wide range of attractions, including stores, restaurants, museums, beaches, the Cable Car and other points of interest,” he said.

Paulino expressed confidence that the arrival of these cruise ships will benefit the tourism industry and strengthen Puerto Plata’s position as one of the most beloved and exciting destinations in the Caribbean.

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