Health May 14, 2024 | 10:25 am

Médico Express and Caribbean Health TPA foster medical tourism

Santo Domingo.- Dominican health tourism continues to solidify its position within our national brand and export portfolio. The combination of skilled medical professionals, cutting-edge technologies, and modern infrastructure paves the way for sustained growth. A recent example of collaboration in this endeavor is the inter-institutional agreement signed between Médico Express and Caribbean Health TPA to promote medical tourism and telemedicine.

Alejandro Cambiaso, executive president of Médico Express, and Rodolfo Núñez-Musa, medical director of Caribbean Health, disclosed that the agreement encompasses a range of services such as diagnostics, emergency care, specialized consultations, outpatient surgeries, ophthalmology, dentistry, orthopedics, pediatrics, and endoscopy, all accessible through Médico Express San Isidro’s international department.

Médico Express San Isidro stands out as an innovative outpatient health center, adhering to international standards, delivering high-quality medical services to both local residents and tourists.

Caribbean Health specializes in attracting patients from Caribbean islands to seek specialized medical care in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Núñez-Musa noted that over the past year, the company facilitated treatment for approximately one thousand patients from Turks and Caicos, Saint Martin, Bahamas, and other Caribbean nations.

Furthermore, as part of their strategy for remote patient care, recruitment, and monitoring, they have established Collaborative Telemedicine Centers (CTCs) across the Caribbean, providing assistance and second medical opinions, with collaboration from Médico Express.

The experts and signatories of the agreement emphasized that medical tourism in the Dominican Republic has seen steady growth year after year. This is attributed to the quality of services and the commitment to local training and international accreditation processes within member centers of the Dominican Tourism Association of Health (ADTS).

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