Sports May 15, 2024 | 8:50 am

Santiago’s Tourism cluster foresees Soccer World Cup as launchpad for growth

Santo Domingo.- The signing of an agreement today between the Mayor’s Office of Santiago and the Dominican Football Federation (FEDOFUTBOL), in collaboration with the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA), marks a significant milestone for the tourism development of the Santiago Tourist Destination Cluster. This agreement paves the way for the hosting of the U-17 Women’s Football World Cup in this city.

The directors of the Cluster hailed the decision to bring the Women’s Soccer World Cup to Santiago as a highly positive move that will elevate the city’s profile across the globe. Ramón Paulino, speaking on behalf of the Cluster, emphasized the worldwide popularity of football and the immense opportunity it presents for Santiago to gain international recognition. He congratulated the newly elected mayor, Ulises Rodríguez, expressing confidence in his ability to leverage this opportunity.

Paulino highlighted that the Women’s Soccer World Cup, scheduled from October 16 to November 3 of this year, will not only attract players but also coaches, technicians, and football enthusiasts from around the world. This influx of visitors presents both opportunities and challenges, including the need for multilingual personnel to cater to the diverse needs of foreign visitors.

For the Santiago Tourism Cluster, hosting the Women’s Soccer World Cup signifies a transformative moment, not just for sports but also for tourism in the city. The event arrives at a crucial juncture in the city’s development as a tourist destination, coinciding with various infrastructure projects undertaken by both the private and public sectors. These include the construction of a monorail, the inauguration of the first phase of a cable car system, expansion of city entrances, establishment of five new hotels and plazas, all contributing to the city’s burgeoning prosperity.

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