Bavaro & Punta Cana May 21, 2024 | 3:15 pm

Cana Rock presented the status of projects in Punta Cana

Punta Cana.- Grupo Cana Rock, a prominent real estate development firm, recently hosted the inaugural Experience Brokers Tour 2024 event. This gathering brought together over 50 advisors from various real estate agencies in Punta Cana to review the progress of Grupo Cana Rock’s projects, discuss recent developments, and share updates.

The event was led by Osvaldo Bello, along with Evagrio Sánchez Campos and Marina Sánchez, owners of the Cana Bay complex and partners in the Cana Rock project. Key executives, including Eduardo Hermana, Vice President of Cana Rock, and Juan Carlos Peralta, Commercial Director of the Cana Rock project, were also in attendance.

Executives emphasized that the initiative aims to keep clients informed in real time about the progress of each project, the materials used, and the status of apartments nearing completion. This includes comparing model apartments to provide a comprehensive overview.

“This event fosters ongoing communication between Cana Rock as a construction company and the real estate agencies as sellers. We aim to provide detailed updates on each project’s status, ensuring that this information reaches the final consumer. This transparency not only guarantees the quality of our work but also builds confidence that clients are investing in the best projects, delivered on time,” highlighted Osvaldo Bello, business partner of the group and director of Bello Valdez Enterprise.

Cana Rock is renowned for its significant real estate developments in the eastern region, including Cana Rock Condos and Cana Rock Star, currently in various phases of completion. Additionally, the company is working on Galaxy Condos, Universe, Cana Rock Space, Terra, and Cosmo Stellar.

The first edition of Experience Brokers Tour 2024 was attended by esteemed real estate companies such as Blueland, Echenique y Asociados, REMAX Metropolitana, Tu Casa RD, OIRS, Dominican Properties, Invierte Conmigo RD, JhonGom Group, Alveare, Vinlax, Platinium Brokers RD, OIRD, Cielo Real Estate, Yessy Master Home, Best House, Casa Forte, KW, EXP Realty, Dominican Home, Loft Home, Reprimar, Mi Hood, among others.

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