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World Digital Solidarity Day to be celebrated by WTJO and Dominican journalism associations

Santo Domingo.- The World Tourism Journalism Organization (WTJO) is teaming up with Dominican journalism and digital media groups to celebrate “World Digital Solidarity Day” on Thursday, June 6th.

Under the banner of “Artificial Intelligence for Global Collaboration,” the event will feature a virtual gathering with presentations by international speakers. WTJO President Miguel Ledeshma says the day aims to raise awareness about fostering a positive online environment.

“We want to highlight the importance of using technology for good,” Ledeshma explained. “The celebration will focus on promoting respectful, safe, and honest communication practices in the digital world.”

The June 6th virtual event will center around the theme “Learn about Artificial Intelligence on World Digital Solidarity Day.” Registrations are open in the following form:

Kicking off at 7:00 PM Dominican time, this virtual event promises a jam-packed agenda! Here’s a look at the exciting line-up of talks:

  • Tips for creating effective prompts: Argentinian speaker Bernardo Sabisky will share his insights on crafting prompts that get the most out of AI.
  • The influence of AI and integration challenges: Julia Márquez, also from Argentina, will delve into the impact of AI and the hurdles we face in integrating it seamlessly.
  • AI as a source of inspiration: Unleashing the creative potential of AI! Carlos Salazar, from Mexico, will explore how AI can spark new ideas.
  • Detecting emotions through Artificial Intelligence: Mexican speaker Adriana Malinalli Escobar Hernández will shed light on using AI to understand emotions.
  • Tools to generate content in real time: Miriam Martínez Posada from Spain will showcase tools for creating content on the fly with AI’s help.
  • AI: Ally or enemy of tourism?: Dominican Sergio Esteban Cid Solano tackles the question of AI’s impact on the tourism industry.

The upcoming World Digital Solidarity Day, spearheaded by the World Tourism Journalism Organization (WTJO), is all about harnessing the power of the internet for good. WTJO President Miguel Ledeshma highlights the event’s mission: to raise awareness about collaboration across all sectors in the digital space.

“We want to celebrate how technology can build a fairer world,” Ledeshma explains. “Think supporting each other online, sharing resources, and promoting innovative projects – that’s the kind of digital solidarity we’re aiming for.”

This focus on collaboration echoes back to the 12th International Congress of Journalists and Tourism Professionals held in Santo Domingo last year. That historic event, which brought together 34 communicators from 10 Latin American countries, planted the seed for World Digital Solidarity Day.

As Yenny Polanco Lovera, president of Adompretur, points out, the initiative goes beyond the digital realm. “We’re talking about strengthening solidarity across all aspects of society,” she says. “This day marks a significant step towards promoting core values in the online world.”

Ramón Chávez, president of Sodomedi, emphasizes the concept of digital solidarity itself. “It’s about using technology to empower people and communities,” he explains. “The internet and social media are powerful tools for fighting poverty, exclusion, and discrimination.”

Chávez adds another layer to the concept: “Digital solidarity is also about how we behave online. Social media platforms can be a megaphone for positive change, spreading information, and holding each other accountable.”

By focusing on collaboration and positive online behavior, World Digital Solidarity Day aims to make the digital world a more inclusive and supportive space for all.

A special announcement

The WTJO will also unveil the nominees for the prestigious “Open Passport” (Pasaporte Abierto) International Tourism Journalism Award and release the official event poster that same day (June 6th). This year’s event will be hosted in Cali, Colombia, a city steeped in culture and history.

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