Tourism May 29, 2024 | 9:00 am

Samaná unveils guide highlighting sustainable tourism efforts

Samaná, DR.- The Samaná Sustainable Tourism Circuit has launched its first informative guide, a promotional tool showcasing the province’s natural riches and solidifying its status as one of five Latin American destinations in the Future Destinations Network.

Available in physical and digital formats, with English and Spanish versions, the guide emphasizes the Circuit’s commitment to balancing economic growth with environmental protection. It delves into the region’s biodiversity, warm hospitality, and delectable cuisine.

This comprehensive resource serves as a one-stop shop for visitors, featuring the destination’s top attractions, cultural events, and over 30 unique experiences. Additionally, a directory connects tourists with businesses participating in the Circuit.

The guide also celebrates female empowerment, featuring inspiring stories of four women who are making strides in training and entrepreneurship within the region.

“This guide exemplifies the power of collaboration in tourism destinations,” said Lissette Gil, a sustainability specialist involved in the Circuit’s creation. “Established and emerging businesses can work together to shape and promote the region effectively.”

She further emphasized, “This collaborative effort, built on a foundation of social, economic, and environmental sustainability, creates a well-rounded destination experience that honors the area’s natural and cultural heritage.”

Milka Hernández, general manager of Grupo Sarma, a tourism marketing company that also produced a promotional video for the Circuit, led the guide’s presentation.

Hernández stressed the importance of the guide in boosting tourism and commerce in the province, highlighting the commitment from both public and private entities to promote it. “This guide not only informs visitors about the breathtaking beauty of this destination, with its diverse landscapes – beaches, rivers, waterfalls, caves, mountains, and farmlands – but also underscores our responsibility to preserve these treasures and share them with the world,” she concluded.

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