Tourism June 9, 2024 | 10:30 am

JetBlue to cut routes to better service “high-performance” countries such as the Dominican Republic

New York – U.S. low-cost carrier JetBlue is preparing to cut some 20 routes in the United States and Latin America this summer 2024, which will be rewarded with increased frequency to “high-yield” destinations, including the Dominican Republic.

The airline’s cuts are in response to a cost-cutting campaign accentuated by the failed merger with Spirit and the grounding of some Airbus aircraft.

JetBlue’s vice president of network planning and airline partnerships, Dave Jehn, reported the company’s departure from five cities starting June 13, according to Business Insider, which had access to a memo sent to employees last March.

He explained that the changes would reorganize aircraft to serve better-performing routes from JetBlue’s focus cities and increase aircraft time on the ground to reduce the possibility of delays, a major complaint of the airline’s users.

The five cities affected are:
Bogota, Colombia.
Quito, Ecuador.
Lima, Peru.
Kansas City, Missouri.
Newburgh, New York

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Paul Tierney
June 10, 2024 8:48 am

These route reorganizations, shakeups, are routine for JetBlue and many other airlines. It is all about maintaining profitability. Some cities lose, some will win. It is a roll of the dice. Let’s hope JetBlue’s move brings more and better passenger service to the RD.