Bavaro & Punta Cana June 11, 2024 | 9:15 am

Brazilian Airline GOL increases flights to Punta Cana

Commercial airplane parking at the airport; Shutterstock ID 104843879

Brazil.- GOL Linhas Aéreas announced that it has scheduled 1,096 flights for July 2024 on its international air network. Of these, 247 are new operations planned exclusively for this period to capitalize on the high demand of the winter season.

The company reported the addition of 46,200 new seats for the holiday month, representing a 36% increase compared to June 2024, which is considered low season. Overall, the company’s total capacity—combining both international and domestic networks—increased by 26.5% between these two months.

As part of its plan, GOL will operate daily flights to Bogotá from Buenos Aires and São Paulo. Additionally, the number of weekly flights to Punta Cana from Guarulhos will increase from 2 to 4, before being reduced to 3 flights per week starting in September, according to a company statement.

Currently, GOL serves 12 international destinations in countries across the Americas, including Colombia, the United States, Argentina, Uruguay, and the Dominican Republic.

In partnership with nine other major airlines, GOL extends its reach to an additional 216 destinations in 50 countries worldwide. Tickets are sold through GOL’s own channels, and flights are operated either by GOL or its partner airlines.

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