Tourism June 12, 2024 | 1:43 pm

Sargassum invasion impacts Boca Chica

Illustrative image from Unsplash

Boca Chica.- Commercial activities in Boca Chica have significantly decreased in recent days due to the accumulation of sargassum affecting the beach.

Merchants consulted by N Digital reported that tourism has also taken a hit, as people avoid the beach due to the unpleasant odor from the decomposing seaweed.

The Boca Chica mayor’s office revealed that tourist and commercial activities have dropped by 85% over the past two months in an area home to more than 500 aparthotels.

Mayor Fermín Brito reported that over the past weekend, 120 truckloads of sargassum were removed from the entire coastal strip, including Boca Chica, Andrés, La Playita, and other recreational marine areas.

He noted that Municipal Council brigades are removing more than 30 truckloads of sargassum daily.

The mayor has appealed for help from the central government, urging the Minister of Tourism to assist, as “the mayor’s budget is insufficient to combat the sargassum invasion.”

Source: N Digital

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