August 30, 2018 | 4:53 pm

Dominican schools must advance toward the digital age

C,. Corcino. Photo

Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.-  The co-founder and creator of the Cincinnatus Institute of Craftsmanship on Wed. urged to rebuild the schools in the Dominican Republic, and updating them by taking into account the technological advances and the digital economy.

Cris Corcino said the roles of traditional schools have changed, as well as that of teachers or facilitators, ergo the need to update and modify teaching methods and systems at centers in line with the changes.

“We understand that our schools are not giving them the opportunities they need and deserve our young people, we must open more doors for people who are lagging behind,” said Corcino, quoted by Diario Libre.

He said that it has been proven that a young person prepared in programming and applying new technologies can save the national economy around five million pesos in the first year of exercise.

Corcino spoke at ribbon-cutting for six fully equipped classrooms to the Salesian Polytechnic Santo Domingo Savio in  Jarabacoa (central), and that will house over  900 students with all the necessary technology to be trained in programming as a second language.

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