Uncategorized September 7, 2020 | 8:28 am

Abinader announces major projects in NW

Montecristi, Dominican Republic.- President Luis Abinader on Sun. announced a regional project to expand Manzanillo port (northwest) to boost the economy of the area through tourism and exports.

During a visit yesterday, the president said the plan will create thousands of jobs in the northwest of the country. “It is going to have an extremely positive impact on employment, not only in this area, because here people will have to move to Manzanillo and people will come from all over the country.”

“We have a master development plan that involves extending all port activities, in such a way that more ships and vessels can come,” said the president.

He said an industrial complex will also be built in the area, made up of shipyards, natural gas storage and natural gas energy production, as well as free zones and factories.

He added that the project also includes the construction of the Cupey highway, which will connect with Santiago province and will save time for users of that road.

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