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Entrepreneur touts Dominican Republic-Commonwealth trade ties

Press Release

Santo Domingo.- The president of the Round Table of the Countries of the Commonwealth in the Dominican Republic, Fernando González Nicolás, highlighted the influence that the 54 countries of the Commonwealth have on exports and foreign investment in our nation.

He gave as an example that the mining sector is one of the main pillars that sustains the Dominican economy through exports, especially gold, which are mostly destined for Canada and India, two countries of the Commonwealth.

He said that when it comes to agricultural exports, Great Britain is the main recipient of the bananas we produce, and that Jamaica and Trinidad export significant amounts of agricultural and industrial products among others.

Regarding the country’s free zones, the president of the Round Table of the Commonwealth Countries, stated that companies from Canada and Sri Lanka lead exports of textiles from this sector.

González Nicolás said that together the Commonwealth countries are the Dominican Republic’s main foreign investors, especially in the mining sector with investments that come from Canada, Australia, Great Britain and South Africa, among others.

With regard to banking, he added that important investments in the financial area come from Jamaica and Canada.

He said that the government of Luis Abinader sends positive signals to investors in the Commonwealth, especially those in the mining sector who are beginning to take concrete steps to enhance legal security, encourage and protect foreign investment.

He added that the new government’s program prioritizes exports and foreign investment as elements that are vital to boost the economic development of the Dominican Republic.

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